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Radio broadcasting in South Africa is divided into three categories: public, commercial and community radio.
Public radio is all the radio stations belonging to the ANC government controlled public broadcaster, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), and this includes RSG, the Afrikaans public radio service.
Commercial radio services are owned by private companies that operate these services for profit. This category includes, for example, OFM, Jacaranda, 947 and Highveld Stereo. These services also have more than one transmitter and serve a wider audience.
Community radio has one frequency and a transmitter and serves a smaller interest group. There are currently more than 200 community radio stations in South Africa.

Community radio originated after the Independent Broadcasting Authority of South Africa (IBA) currently ICASA, established under Act 153 of 27 October 1993, as amended by the current ANC government, restructured the total broadcasting industry in South Africa.

Internet radio does not fall under government control and with the move to digital in the future, internet radio or streaming has become firmly established.